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We use animations to improve user experience, tell stories, and guide users around websites or even encourage them to buy.
With years of experience, we create animations for the web with a strong emphasis on unique design, details of natural patterns and silky smooth performance. We always keep in mind the limitations of the browser and hardware and craft our solutions to work for all users.
We use Javascript & CSS coding (CSS, SVG, html5 Canvas & WebGL) which gives us a wide range of options when taking on a new project . The GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP) is our favorite animation engine for the web environment.
We believe animations are great for making a website design Unforgettable.


2D Interactive

A simple element with natural dynamic behavior can really engage and entertain the user.
We create interactive scenes with natural UI/UX for educational goals or even games. Simulations of real world physical forces and rules such as gravity, friction, collision detection, particle behaviors create a sense of realism that improves the user experience.
We achieve outstanding 2D animation performance using HTML elements, SVG, html5 Canvas, and WebGL.


WebGL & 3D Modeling

3D Modeling ( modeling / rigging / animating ) is one of our team advantages.
We are experienced in modeling high and low poly objects (either inanimate or living) and preparing them for 3D printers or export to the WebGL world.
By adding interactivity and animation to objects we create amazing effects for your website. We introduce your product’s structure and abilities and can even simulate real world behaviors for educational goals on the web.

WebGL & 3D

Backend Coding

We are pleased to announce our ability to develop and support Web apps and cross-platform dynamic applications.
We specialize in backend languages / technology such as NodeJs, ASP.Net, PHP, C#, and JAVA.
We eagerly wrote our own lightweight and fully flexible CMS and online shopping system. It’s an incredibly flexible and SEO friendly system that is easy to support and it can be customized to help you achieve your business goals.


Brand Design

If you already have a great logo and brand identity we can help you refine it and integrate across all your print and online activities. We can also create a new distinct identity to promote your company and help you advance your message.
We understand that a strong and consistent brand is the key success.
It’s important for us to learn the history of your company and understand your goals for the future. We’ll get to know you and your target audience as we work side by side with you to bring your brand to life.
We offer a complete range of services covering all aspects of design, strategy and production.


Hi ! My name is Diaco Masoud Lotfollahi
I started my professional life as an animator & multimedia/graphic designer. I earned a bachelor's degree in computer animation and became skilled in 3D modeling and animating, motion graphics, print design, web design and web media.
In the past few years my work has focused on the web. I enjoy coding and designing as a front-end web developer. I love exploring the subtle details of user interfaces and enhancing them with intricate and unique animations to make amazing experiences. I’ve been refining my skills freelancing with numerous advertising agencies.
In my free time, I enjoy playing electric guitar, helping people on the web to improve their coding skills (the GreenSock forums are one of my favorite hangouts on the web) and of course playing first-person shooters.
I continue to build my portfolio by working for clients in diverse industries and am always looking to cooperate with inspiring people on exciting work.

Skills :

Samira Mohammadov is my partner to deal with back-end coding and database engines. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in software engineering. She is a creative thinker with the foresight to analyze the back-end needs of a wide range of projects. With a patient personality and passion for research/learning she has a great ability to face challenges, find system bugs and find reliable solutions for back-end nightmares.

Skills :

Farnaz Norouzi is new member of our little team. she proved herself perfectly as a graphist and sculpture artist , with passion for designing and sculpting fantasy characters. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in graphic. in her free time, she enjoy designing and sculpting cute creatures and helping animals and being active in animal protection groups.

Skills :

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